Hear from our patients

Dr. Ergenc has over 19 years of experience and is proud to have performed weight loss surgery on thousands of patients who have travelled from over 25 countries for his expertise. Choosing a surgeon is the most important decision when it comes to weight loss surgery as ideally the surgery should be performed only once without complications. We are proud to have treated thousands of patients over the years with zero complication rate. Hear more from our patients and their experience with us.

“Dr. Ergenc and his team supported me anytime I needed help for the last two years since I had my surgery at their clinic. The relationship didn’t stop right after the surgery and I knew I could reach them 24/7. I lost 35 kilos and my health and quality of life increased.” Testimonial from Youtube

Ayse, Germany

“After a few family members and friends have been treated by Dr. Ergenc, he came highly recommended, and I decided to get the weight loss surgery at his clinic too. He gave me a chance of living my life again as I lost nearly 50 kilos within a year.” Testimonial from Youtube

Ferdi, Germany

“I was 115 kilos before the surgery, and I wasn’t able to walk for more than ten steps. After I had my weight loss surgery at Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenc Obesity Surgery Clinic I lost over 50 kilos within a year and regained my confidence. As a kindergarten teacher, I am so happy to be able to play and run with my students without getting exhausted.” Testimonial from Youtube

Alev, Germany

“I attended a conference in Basel where I met Dr. Ergenc and instantly knew he was the right surgeon for my weight loss surgery. On the first day of the surgery, I felt manageable pain but by the second day, I was completely fine. I highly recommend Dr. Ergenc, he gave me a new life.” Testimonial from Youtube

Filiz, Switzerland