How does gastric sleeve work?
Recovery and weight loss process after surgery
Where is gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey performed?
How do you get a gastric sleeve on the Tufan ERGENC’s clinic?
How much is a gastric sleeve?

The most effective treatment to eliminate health problems due to obesity and excess weight is bariatric surgery. In fact, bariatric surgery is a large domain with different methods. Gastric sleeve gastric bypass gastric banding is dominant among these methods. In recent years, the most preferred one is surgery gastric sleeve. This is because of successful results, fast recovery after the surgery and low complication risk. Gastric sleeve turkey prices change based on different factors.

Turkey is one of the leading countries in gastric sleeve surgery in terms of service quality and price. Patients from many different countries around the world prefer the country for surgery in Turkey.

How does gastric sleeve work?

Weight loss surgery is suitable for patients who can’t have successful results from diet, exercise and medication treatment.

Gastric sleeve surgery is suitable for morbid obese with body mass index above 40, obese patients with BMI between 30-40 and with serious health problems like weight-related high blood pressure, diabetes sleep apnea and high cholesterol.

Gastric sleeve is performed by an obesity surgeon in a hospital or clinic environment under general anesthesia. The surgery approximately takes 1 hour.

This procedure also called sleeve gastrectomy involves removing the large portion of the patient’s stomach. Approximately 80% of the stomach is removed and the remaining section continues with normal functions. But since the stomach volume is smaller, the patient can feel fuller with less food. And weight loss after the surgery starts easily.

Recovery and weight loss process after surgery

The patient is discharged on 2nd or 3rd day after gastric sleeve surgery. Stomach pain is normal for the first days. In this period, discomfort is relieved with painkiller prescribed by the surgeon.

A special diet program is followed in the first few weeks after the surgery. In this period, patients transit from liquid food to solid food.

Patients generally go back to their daily routine in 10 days but they can do heavy physical jobs after the 3rd week.

Weight losing process starts right after the surgery and continues in time. Generally, patients lose 10% of excess weight in the first month. Patients are expected to lose 60-70% of the excess weight 1 year after the gastric sleeve surgery.

But patients have some responsibilities for permanent treatment. Patients who will have obesity surgery must change their lifestyle. Patients who make healthy eating and regular exercise a part of their life and stay away from harmful behaviours have successful results.

Where is gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey performed?

Turkey gastric sleeve is a leader in bariatric surgery with expert surgeons, experienced health personnel and equipped clinics. Gastric sleeve in Turkey is successfully performed in many private hospitals and clinics.

One of these clinics is Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenç Obesity Centre.

How do you get a gastric sleeve on the Tufan ERGENC’s clinic?

Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenç Obesity Centre offers services in obesity treatment Turkey and weight loss surgery fields. Hundreds of patients from more than 30 countries have been treated in this clinic and started a healthy life.

Fully equipped clinic with successful obesity surgeon Op. Dr. Tufan ERGENC and his team are dominant with “safe surgery”. With the Safe Surgery technique special to this clinic, patients can have a more comfortable surgery process and obesity surgery-related risks can be minimized.

Before gastric sleeve surgery, patients contact with clinic team by making an appointment. After providing information in detail, patients come to Turkey and enter the clinic with their hospital attendant. Here, patients who meet with Dr. Ergenç are subjected to comprehensive control and tests. 

All patients are hospitalized in private single-bed rooms. The surgery approximately takes 45 minutes. The patients will have a special dietitian a nurse in the room after being discharged from the clinic.

Additionally, there are extra services offered by the clinic and included in the gastric sleeve price. For example, patients are transferred from the airport to the clinic when they arrive in Turkey and they have the same service when they go back to their country after the surgery. Also, all accommodation of the attendant and family of the patients are covered by the clinic. 

Special eating program and online dietitian service are given after the surgery.

Also, the patient is followed and checked for 5 years after gastric sleeve surgery. In this process, patients can have support from the doctor and the team anytime they want.

How much is a gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve Turkey prices change for different factors such as hospital or clinic quality, the versatility of the service, surgeon’s experience, medical devices used in the surgery, the technology of these devices, surgery method and hospitalization period.

Tufan ERGENC’s clinic offers a single price package for patients who do not want to experience extra fees or surprise fees. This price includes almost all service before and after surgery. Only travel, flight ticket costs are not included. You can learn more about the process from contact numbers.

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