Kent Health Group

Dr. Ergenc performs the surgery at our partner hospital, Kent Health Group in Izmir, Turkey. Kent Hospital is a private healthcare organisation that has been open since 2004, offering first-class treatment to patients from across the world. Kent Hospital is one of the top healthcare organisations in Europe with its diverse services and is an accredited JCI (Joint Commission International) organisation since 2006. You can also find Kent Hospital as the only hospital listed in Izmir on the official website of the United Kingdom government ( on a guidance page for a list of medical facilities in Turkey. Please see the page here.There are 204 patient beds offered for the comfort of the patients and attendants. Our patients and the accompanying family member or friend are provided with a fully catered, private ensuite room at Kent Hospital for the entire recovery period. For more information on the Kent Hospital, please get in touch with us.

Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenc Obesity Surgery Clinic Head Office


Our head office is located in the heart of Izmir where we welcome patients for a consultation with Dr. Ergenc and his team before the surgery. Located in the prestigious Mavisehir Park Yasam Offices, at our head office we evaluate the patients, run them through what they should expect and introduce them to the aftercare team.