What are the advantages of Turkey in bariatric surgery?
What is the best weight loss surgery method?
What is the weight loss process after gastric sleeve?
What type of earing program is followed after the surgery?
What are the surgery conditions in Turkey?

Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective treatment methods for obesity patients and various individuals who are experiencing excess weight-related health problems. In recent years, obesity patients around the world choose to have bariatric surgery in Turkey. Therefore, bariatric surgery Turkey has become one of the most popular internet search topics.

Bariatric surgery Turkey includes all methods commonly applied around the world. Methods such as gastric sleeve surgery gastric bypass gastric banding are successfully applied in Turkey and many patients can get rid of obesity and obesity-related diseases. While it is not a surgical method, the gastric balloon is also preferred in Turkey.

What are the advantages of Turkey in bariatric surgery?

Turkey is one of the leading countries in medical tourism including obesity surgery, hair transplant and plastic surgery.

The main factors that Turkey is preferred in medical tourism are the success in the surgical field, high-quality service and affordable price options.

Advantages that can be listed under bariatric surgery Turkey are as follows:

  • Experienced surgeon: The experience of doctors and surgeons is one of the most important factors for operation success. Turkey has highly experienced, informed and successful surgeons in the bariatric surgery
  • Equipped Hospital: The equipped hospital is one of the vital factors in weight loss surgery. Turkey has hospitals equipped with advanced technology and with all pre-op and post-op interventions.
  • Quality Service: Private hospitals and clinics in Turkey offer services to ensure the most comfortable operation process for the patients.
  • High Success Rate: As a natural result of the first three factors, there is a high success rate for bariatric surgery in Turkey. On the other hand, high patient satisfaction increased the interest of Turkey.
  • Affordable Price: While comprehensive services and high-quality standards are offered in Turkey, weight loss surgery is operated with affordable prices. Especially many hospitals and clinics offer package price advantages to the patients. This way, patients can benefit from these special and comprehensive services before and after the operation with a single price.

What is the best weight loss surgery method?

The most preferred procedure in weight loss surgery is the gastric sleeve.

In sleeve gastrectomy that is operated with laparoscopic techniques, approximately 80% of the stomach is removed and stomach volume is decreased. This way, patients can feel fuller with less amount of food. The operation takes approximately 1 hour. Generally, patients are hospitalized for 3 days.

Since this surgery is on the stomach without touching the intestines, the recovery is faster and the risk of complications are eliminated.

Patients can go back to their daily routine by avoiding heavy physical activity in 10-15 days.

What is the weight loss process after gastric sleeve?

At the end of the first month following the surgery, most of the patients lose 10% of the excess weight. Later, patients continue to lose weight every month.

After gastric sleeve surgery, patients generally lose 60-70% of the excess weight within the first year.

Patients who follow the pre-op and post-op eating and life-changing habits are more successful to lose weight.

What type of earing program is followed after the surgery?

After bariatric surgery, a special eating program is prepared by the dietitian for the patient. A strict eating program must be followed in the first 2 months. In the first weeks, only liquid food is consumed; solid food transition should be gradual.

In addition to that, it is possible to have vitamin, mineral and protein supplement under the surgeon’s control.

Patients can go back to their normal eating habits in a few months. One of the advantages of gastric sleeve is that patients can tolerate each food type if it is in the correct amount.

What are the surgery conditions in Turkey?

Bariatric surgery is not suitable for individuals who want to lose weight for aesthetic look. Therefore, patients must match certain criteria to have bariatric surgery.

  • Patients with body mass index 40 or above and morbid obese patients,
  • Patients with body mass index between 30-40, with obesity diagnosis and experiencing obesity-related diseases (sleep apnea, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes etc.)

Additionally, patients must be between 18-65 years old for surgery. Younger or older patients might have the surgery after different tests and the surgeon’s approval.

Additionally, patients are expected to try the diet, exercise a medication treatment method and not obtained any results before any weight loss surgery including the gastric sleeve.

Patients who want to have the surgery must contact with hospitals and clinics for more information.

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