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Sleeve Gastrectomy

In gastric sleeve surgery, nearly up to 80% of the stomach is removed by surgery. The remaining tubular stomach expands quickly while eating. This creates a rapid feeling of satiety which restricts hunger. Since only the stomach areas of the large curvature are removed, the original function of the stomach is fully preserved.

The operation is performed minimally invasively using an endoscope under general anesthesia. The patient is discharged from the hospital after three nights of the operation. The weight loss begins immediately after the operation.


Our all-inclusive package includes

 Transport from and to the airport


 Preliminary examinations (EKG, X-ray, blood laboratory)

 Gastric sleeve surgery

 Hospital stay for the patient and an accompanying family member or friend (fully catered)

 Up to 5 years of aftercare with team members of dieticians, nurses, a patient relations coordinator, and Dr. Ergenc

What should I expect after the procedure?

After the operation, you will stay at our world-class hospital for four nights. The meals will also be provided for you and your accompanying family member or friend. Four days after the surgery, you can expect to be discharged and continue your day-to-day activities. 

Our patients are monitored and supported up to 5 years after the surgery. We take pride in our aftercare plan and we have a highly trained and experienced aftercare team including; Patient Relations Coordinator, Executive Assistant to Dr.Ergenc, Dieticians, Nurses and Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenc.

How much weight should I expect to lose after the surgery?

You can expect to lose 10% of your weight within the first month and the weight loss should continue until your healthy weight is achieved. The healthy weight (ideal patient weight) is calculated by our healthcare team based on your height, weight, health condition, age, and many other factors. 

What are the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery?

The stomach becomes much smaller after the gastric surgery therefore early satiety is achieved by eating less. The early satiety of the stomach and the feeling of satiety in the brain enable all hormones to act according to the feeling of satiety. After this operation, depending on the weight of the person, 10 to 20 kilos can be easily lost in a month and patients usually achieve their healthy (ideal) weight within a year.

What are the possible complications and risks of the operation?

After a bariatric operation, as with any other operation, there may be some surgical complications and risks. This risk is low and almost zero in experienced clinics.

If the weight loss surgery is performed under appropriate hospital conditions, with the appropriate equipment, by a qualified and highly experienced surgeon and team, this surgical procedure is no riskier than other surgeries. 

One of the main risks after bariatric surgery is fluid leakage. This leakage is a serious complication caused by gastric drainage and abdominal infection. In our clinic, the double suture method, which prevents leakage, is successfully carried out to ensure a safe operation. We have not observed any leaks with our patients, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Ergenc and his team.

Another known complication is bleeding. Bleeding may occur in the first 48 hours after surgery. Such a complication is recognised and treated at the hospital hence the patients need to stay at the hospital for four nights following the surgery. 

Thrombosis and embolism are the other complications that might occur. However, these almost never occur if precautions are taken and the surgeon is experienced. With the advancement of technology, devices attached to your legs when you are on the operating table ensure blood circulation as if you were moving. This can prevent a possible blood clot that could result from long periods of immobility. 

Wound infection can also occur with any surgery. It is a non-vital complication that can be treated with antibiotics.

What should I expect from Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenc Obesity Surgery Clinic?

The patient who is interested in weight loss surgery is first contacted by our team. All questions about the entire process are answered in detail by our professional team. If the patient is suitable for the surgery and decides to go ahead with the procedure then our team members will help them find the most suitable date for them and our clinic.

Patients and their family member/s or friend/s are picked up from the airport in our VIP vehicles and are transported to meet our team. Patients are given a private ensuite room in the hospital. VIP transport is also offered after the discharge. The accompanying family member or friend will be able to stay with the patient in a fully catered room and our packages include all of these costs.

The preliminary examinations and medical examinations are carried out in detail and the patients meet Dr. Ergenc before their surgery to discuss the surgery in detail. In our clinic, a detailed body analysis is carried out and nutritional advice and pre-training are also carried out for the patient. We offer first-class aftercare to our patients for up to 5 years following the surgery. Read more about our aftercare plan on our what we do & aftercare page.

About Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenc

As the Founder and Head of our clinic in Izmir, Op. Dr. Tufan Ergenc attracted patients from more than 25 countries. After completing his medical degree, Dr. Ergenc specialised in laparoscopy and obesity surgery. His 19 years of experience and several special training courses abroad made him a renowned surgeon in the obesity surgery field.

Using a surgical technique that Dr. Ergenc has developed himself, the complications (leaks and bleeding) that often occur in gastric size reduction surgery are reduced to a minimum (below 0.2%). All medical staff working in the clinic are trained in this special surgical method. Dr. Ergenc also carried out studies on the changes in smell and taste experiences that often occur after the procedure, which result from the direct connection of the stomach to the central nervous system.

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