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Sleeve Gastrectomy

In a gastric sleeve surgery, 80 to 90% of the stomach is removed by surgery. The remaining tubular stomach expands quickly while eating. This creates a rapid feeling of satiety. The production of hunger and satiety hormones (leptin, ghrelin) is restricted. Since only the stomach areas of the large curvature are removed, the original function of the stomach is fully preserved.

The operation is performed minimally invasively using an endoscope under general anesthesia.  After five days, the patient is released from the clinic and the weight loss begins immediately after the operation.


Our Inclusive Services

The clinic in Izmir offers gastric reduction all-inclusive packages . These include a consultation, preliminary examinations (EKG, X-ray, blood laboratory), the operation and follow-up care. It also includes the cost of the post-surgery dietician. Relatives are also accommodated in the hospital. 

Up to five years after the intervention, follow-up examinations are carried out regularly, which are also included in the price. Due to the lower personnel and general costs, the costs are 50% lower than the costs in European clinics.


What do I have to consider after the treatment?

After the operation, nutritional guides and brochures are also available to support dieticians. It is explained that our patient should adhere to the diet list and instructions we have provided. During the hospital stay, our patients are presented with special foods prepared by our gastronomy specialists and dieticians.

All of these services are subject to a single payment at no additional cost. Medical treatment and additional food used for the period after the operation can be provided upon request for a fee.

When are the results visible after the operation?

It is 10% weight loss in the first month and 8% is expected in the next few months. This is then continued until the ideal weight.

What are the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery?

Die Menschen verlieren sehr stark an Gewicht, wenn sie eine Diät machen. Das liegt daran, dass der Mensch während der Diät Hunger verspürt und das Gehirn entsprechend dem Hungergefühl handelt.

Because the stomach is smaller after gastric surgery, early satiety is achieved by eating less. The early satiety of the stomach and the feeling of satiety in the brain enable all hormones to act according to the feeling of satiety. After this operation, depending on the weight of the person, 10 to 20 kilos can be easily lost in a month.

What are the possible complications and risks of the operation?

After a bariatric operation, as with any other operation, there may be some surgical complications and risks. This risk is low and almost zero in experienced clinics.

If the gastrointestinal surgery is performed under appropriate hospital conditions, with the appropriate equipment, by a qualified and highly experienced surgeon and team, this surgical procedure is no riskier than other surgeries. 

One of the main risks after bariatric surgery is fluid leakage. This leakage is a serious complication caused by gastric drainage and abdominal infection.

In our clinic, the double suture method, which prevents leakage, is successfully carried out to ensure a safe operation. So we do not observe any leaks.

Another complication is bleeding. Bleeding may occur in the first 48 hours after surgery. Such a complication is recognized and treated in the hospital. 

Thrombosis and embolism are the other complications. However, these almost never occur when precautions are taken. With the advancement of technology, devices attached to your legs when you are on the operating table ensure blood circulation as if you were moving. This can prevent a possible blood clot that could result from long periods of immobility. 

Wound infection after bariatric surgery can occur with any surgery. It is a non-vital complication that can be treated with antibiotics.

What is the procedure for gastric reduction in Dr. Tufan Ergenc clinic?

The patient who is registered for an operation is first contacted and introduced by our team. Questions about the entire process are answered in detail by our professional team.

Patients and their families are picked up from the airport in VIP vehicles and received safely by our team. You will be escorted to the private single room in the hospital. The same transport takes place after discharge. The accommodation and needs of the relatives of the patients are met free of charge. There is no need for an additional hotel.

The preliminary examinations and medical examinations are carried out in detail and the patients are Ergenc, the head of the clinic, advised. In our clinic, a detailed body analysis is carried out and nutritional advice and pre-training are carried out. The differences in the weight loss process can be followed in detail using the preoperative records.

About Us

Dr. Ergenc Clinic in Izmir

As head of the clinic in Izmir, Dr. Tufan Ergenc patients from more than 30 countries. After completing his studies, the father of three children specialized in laparoscopy and obesity surgery. His 17 years of experience and several special training courses abroad make him a renowned surgeon in this field.

Using a surgical technique he developed himself, the complications (leaks and bleeding) that often occur in gastric size reduction are reduced to a minimum (below 0.2%). All doctors working in the clinic are Tufan Ergenc trained in the special surgical method. The renowned doctor also carried out studies on the changes in smell and taste experiences that often occur after the procedure, which result from the direct connection of the stomach to the central nervous system.

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